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FISHTRON Q-RX2-přijímač



Q-RX2 receiver, an improved transmission protocol, new encoding, many functions, vibration, great design

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- Modern design, integrated antenna, rubberised body that fits well in the hand. It can also be worn around your neck or put on a table.
- Reliable reception and display bites from up to four FISHTRON Q9-TX sounders or microTX micro-transmitters (code Q-TX2).
- Connection for up to three wireless alarm sensors ALF-01, ALF-02 (monitoring fishing area, boat, car, etc.).
- Integrated LED flashlight that lights-up automatically upon a bite. Especially useful at night.
- Modern electronics, power supply by only one regular AAA battery = cheap operation and cost savings!
- Intelligent battery status indication informs about the need of change in advance.
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