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FISHTRON Q9-TX bite sounders are based on popular models FISHTRON Q7-TX which became the most popular bite sounders in the Czech Republic in 2010 and have been appreciated by many fishermen around the world

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- Modern design, durable rubberised body.
- They have all features that a fisherman may need: volume control, pitch control, sensitivity adjustment with a function for extremely fine fishing line movement each distinguishing approximately 4 mm! Also backward running distinguishing.
- Unique multifunctional optical signalling of unwinding of the fishing line direction with partial or total LED shutdown.
- With new MUTE function which turns off all sounds by briefly pressing the button. Used for easy setting of fishing rods. The function is then simply cancelled or switched off automatically after 60 seconds.
- Two connectors for connecting external transmitter and swinger.
- Everything is controlled by a modern microprocessor providing long battery life and smooth sounder functioning.
- The FISHTRON Q9-TX series with a built-in powerful transmitter for remote listening with a range of up to several hundred metres! It cooperates with a new, modern Q-RX2 receiver.
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