Fishtron Catfish TX Expand

Fishtron Catfish TX



It is the world´s unique and one of the smallest catfish bite alarms

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The unique and secure way of attaching directly to the fishing rod allows you to concentrate on the fishing, instead of looking for the bells and shock sensors.

The maximum accuracy of the bite evaluation is achieved with the modern 4D system used by the sounder. The 4D system does not evaluate the change in position only in the three standard axes X, Y and Z, but it also uses a time parameter as a fourth dimension. When fishing for catfish, angle change or fishing rod bending is evaluated instead of the shocks.

This higher range of the FISHTRON CATFISH TX3 is equipped with a transmitter and it´s fully compatible with the RX MULTI,RX SIX, RX MINI receivers,which means the bite will be signalized on the receiver as well as with LED signal and a sound.

- 2 bases for quick and easy mounting on any type of fishing rod.
- Screwdriver for battery replacement included.

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