NEON TX3 SET 4+1 Expand




Set of popular NEON TX3 B, NEON TX3 G, NEON TX3 R, NEON TX3 V detectors with RX SIX listening + KAB-NEON case

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Modern fishermen require several gadgets for their activities. The FLAJZAR FISHTRON RX SIX receiver is among the popular gadgets. It is a reliable device for receiving and displaying bites from up to six bite sounders. It can perfectly work with the new FLAJZAR FISHTRON NEON TX3 bite sounders and it can also evaluate the alarm from FISHTRON ALF3 wireless sensors.
The FLAJZAR FISHTRON NEON TX3 bite sounder includes an integrated transmitter with a range of up to 150 metres. In addition to that, LED lighting can be automatically controlled at night with an integrated sensor. Volume, pitch and sensitivity to the unwinding of fishing line can be adjusted easily with regulatory elements.
Modern tools for advanced fishermen
Perfect, easy to use
Everything from one manufacturer

Kit contents
- FISHTRON RX SIX receiver
- FISHTRON NEON TX3 B bite sounder, FISHTRON NEON TX3 G bite sounder, FISHTRON NEON TX3 R bite sounder, FISHTRON NEON TX3 V
- Practical case for moving it

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