Vysílací mikromodul MTX2 s držákem baterie CR2016,2025 Expand

Vysílací mikromodul MTX2 s držákem baterie CR2016,2025



MTX2 – transmitter functionally identical to MTX1 type. The only difference is the 3V battery CR2032 holder which is placed directly on the PCB. Do not worry about power supply, just connect the inputs (buttons). Battery included.

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Examples of use:
- remote control
- remote information transmission from various sensors and contacts (door, window, etc.)
- remote information on tank level statuses
- signalling failure (renewal) of various device activities
- a simple security system with remote information transmission
- adding remote control to your existing equipment

Basic technical information:
- frequency 868.35 MHz
- a range of up to several hundred metres
- FSK modulation
- crystal PPL oscillator
- power supply of transmitter MTX2 3V battery CR2032

Security, reliability:
Each transmitter has a unique integrated code which ensures high resistance to false switching and interference.
The modules must include an antenna – stranded wire with a length of 8.5 cm (supplied) will suffice or you can use our flexible antenna ANT8681.
For special applications, especially outdoors, a directional antenna 868 MHz, order No 128, can be used. The range is then increased to more than 2 km (open area).

MTX2 – transmitter module with a holder for 3V battery CR2032.

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