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Vysílací mikromodul MTX1



MTX1 – subminiature transmitter module with a range up to several hundred metres.

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MTX1 – sub-miniature transmitter module with a range of up to several hundred metres (reliable to 800 metres in a free space is practically verified). Six inputs which you can connect any potential-free buttons, relay contacts, opto-isolators, etc. to
Module power supply 3 to 12V , stand-by power consumption was insignificant (about 5 uA), ideal for powering by battery. Using jumpers J1 and J2, several operating modes can be set.

Our idea:
Take any box with convenient dimensions, design and usability, add convenient buttons. Place our miniature transmitter module inside simply by sticking and connect buttons. You have a remote control to your liking, in your design, with long range and high reliability...

Examples of use:
- remote control
- remote information transmission from various sensors and contacts (door, window, etc.)
- remote information on tank level statuses
- signalling failure (renewal) of various device activities
- a simple security system with remote information transmission
- adding remote control to your existing equipment

Basic technical information:
- frequency 868.35 MHz
- range of up to several hundred metres
- FSK modulation
- crystal PPL oscillator
- power supply of transmitters MTX1 3–12 V

Security, reliability:
Each transmitter has a unique code integrated which ensures high resistance to false switching and interference.
The modules must include an antenna – stranded wire with a length of 8.5 cm (supplied) will suffice or you can use our flexible antenna ANT8681.
For special applications, especially outdoors, a directional antenna 868 MHz, order No 128, can be used. The range is then increased to more than 2 km (open area).

MTX1 – transmitter module, power supply 3 to 12 V

Customization of modules is possible.

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