Vysílací mikromodul MTX1-SMA (krátký závit) Expand

Vysílací mikromodul MTX1-SMA (krátký závit)



MTX-SMA Transmitter micromodule (short thread).

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New versions of the popular MTX, MRX micromodules for remote transmissions, especially switching and status transmissions of various devices, contacts, alarms, etc.

Unlike the already produced MTX1, MTX2 and MRX1 modules, the new modules are equipped with an SMA connector for connecting an external antenna - not included.
This not only simplifies the installation into your devices, but also the possibility to extend the range by connecting the antenna with a higher gain. Or directional antennas for a receiver (our order No. 128).

New modules with SMA connectors are also equipped with new input evaluation options. In addition to conventional modes such as the output relay switched during transmitter input is switched or relay on and off alternating mode or impulse mode, you will find new modes of contact status transmission:

Description of a new mode of contact status transmission:
the MTX1-SMA transmitter modules and the MTX2-SMA have an high impedance input No 1. It is possible to connect any potential-free contact to it, the contact can be permanently closed at rest (the consumption is then around 30 uA).
Only the change in status is then transmitter to the receiver, therefore, maintaining a long battery life. If the contact opens, the corresponding receiver output opens (possible to assign 1–6). When the contact closes, the corresponding receiver output is closed. Changing the transmitter mode can set an inverse mode or a mode when the module responds to any change (closing and opening).
Ideal for connection to door and window contacts or for the remote status transmission of any relay contact. It can also be used for connecting to shock sensors (information on registered shock is sent – our sensors HERE are suitable) or to PIR sensors. All while maintaining a minimum current consumption from the battery.

For quick and easy implementation, we have come up with several expansion input and output modules:

TER6 – 6-channel module of a terminal and buttons for easy connection to MTX1-SMA or MTX2-SMA transmitter modules.

MOP6 – 6-channel module of galvanic inputs isolation. Easy connection to MTX1-SMA, MTX2-SMA transmitter modules. Ideal for connection to external devices that are equipped with output volta

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