Přijímač s plov. kód. 2k KEELOQ, stavebnice Expand

Přijímač s plov. kód. 2k KEELOQ, stavebnice



A kit of a 2 channel 433.92MHz receiver cooperating with KVxTX keychains (Keeloq). Design suitable for controlling simple mechanisms, appliances, etc.

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The receiver is equipped with a Microchip processor, a hybrid receiving module – the two components simplify the design significantly and the assembly is really simple – no adjustments or tuning needed. High reliability and a wide operating temperature range (-20 °C up to +70 °C).

It can learn any of the 15 KVxTX keychains (offer on the previous page). Receiver power supply 12 V, switching contact load of output relays 250 V/10 A maximum (we recommend connecting a maximum of 50 V for safety reasons).

Jumpers can be used to set four relay switching modes:
- the first press causes the relay to close/the second press opens
- the relay is held while holding the button on the transmitter (25 sec. maximum)
- impulse 0.8 sec.
- only relay 1: switched on by one button/off by the second

With a floating code, the design is suitable for applications requiring a high degree of security and high reliability.

Thanks to a favourable price, the design may be used for common use: control of appliances, lights, pumps, etc.

Original FLAJZAR design with complete support.
Electronic kit containing a complete set of components, printed circuit board and instructions, or other elements according to the specification.

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Dálkové ovládání

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Kvalita: 0 1 2 3 4

Používám toto dálkové ovládání od roku 2016. Jsem s ním maximálně spokojen, funguje stále bez problémů. Baterie v klíčence je i při denním používání ještě neměněná, originální.

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Kvalita: 0 1 2 3 4

Tato stavebnice mi už tak 3 roky funguje na centrál na autě - Ani jednou neselhal,ale vysílač se občas zmačkne v kapsi a auto otevře :-(