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Convenient and easy switching for pumps, lighting, heating, rebooting servers and other appliances. It contains an integrated temperature sensor and thermostat function with temperature control. The smallest of its kind in the world. Call the socket to control it. The socket can withstand the loads of up to 16 A. This is our new GSM socket – the smallest of its kind in the world, fully developed and manufactured by FLAJZAR in the Czech Republic.

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Remotely controling and checking appliances has never been easier. Without the need to install software, it works on the simplest mobile phones as well as on mobile phones with Android, iOS (iPhone), etc. Moreover, there is no need to install software.

The GSM socket by FLAJZAR brings together a complete GSM part with an integrated antenna, it is powered with a modern switch mode power supply and equipped with a power output relay with a contact load of up to 16 A. Using modern components allowed us to minimise the dimensions. The socket excels in appearance, it is not an obstruction unlike similar products, it has up to half the dimensions.

If you are in a hurry, the initial installation is very simple:
- insert a SIM card from any operator from the side (e.g. one of the favourable tariffs for M2M for a price starting at 30 CZK per month or ‘top-up’ card).
- press the button and make a call. The socket memorises your phone number and can be operated free of charge. Or even without memorising from any mobile phone via an SMS command with a code number.

The socket also contains a temperature sensor, temperature alarm function (sending a text message when the set temperature limits are exceeded) and a thermostat function (automatic mode based on the set and measured temperature controlling output with possible remote interaction by the user).

For detailed setting:
The socket is equipped with a USB port. A detailed configuration can also be performed using a simple and clear setup program for a PC (free). Add more phone numbers (you can have up to 6 authorised phone numbers), change the setting, the function of temperature alarm and thermostat, edit texts and commands, set automatic status message which informs you about the current status at the set time and much more.

Basic functions and properties:
- simple control of appliances from your mobile phone by free calling or text messages
- output load up to 16 A/230 V
- temperature control (thermostat)
- temperature monitoring (exceeding the set temperature limits sends a text message to the set numbers)
- up to 6 phone numbers on the contact list which can obtain information on exceeding the temperature and control by calling
- the socket can be controlled from any numberwith an SMS command (password protection)
- the smallest GSM socket of its kind
- simple installation, operation and settings
- a four-band GSM module with an integrated GSM antenna with high sensitivity (excellent signal)
- Czech development and production

Android FLAJZAR Control application
The FLAJZAR Control app is designed for owners of GSM systems by FLAJZAR and replaces typing tedious SMS commands. It helps users to remotely control or check the device status. Download the app on Google Play.

Configuration program: Socket Config

Instructions: SCK1 instructions, instruction complement

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Funguje přesně tak, jak je popsáno v dokumentaci. Programování přes USB programem z notebooku je velice komfortní. Oceňuji možnost ručního zapnutí/vypnutí.

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Na aliexpressu najdete podobne hracky kolem 10usd. Zarizeni podobneho typu se tady neoplati vyrabet

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Kdo potřebuje něco zapnout na nekonečnou dálku a nechat to zapnuté bez dohledu, nebo, nechat něco vybuchnout.Ano terorista.

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